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Responsive Site Designer

Chapter 05

Page settings

Configure every page to your needs.

The fourth and simplest of all our Control panes to explain is the Page Settings pane as it contains input controls for the head and footer sections. Here you can add the page title, specify metadata, keywords, link-in resources such as JavaScripts, or create a Favicon. 

The Title is used to show the title of the page in the "title bar" of a web browser. The element serves the purpose of being your headline or "one line string" for a given page and is perhaps the single most important component when it comes to search engine rankings. Its contents are almost always the title that search engines use to list your website in their results pages (SERPS).


For maximum effect, the title should be no longer than 60 characters (including spaces) and have correct grammar. Be sure not to abuse this element by "stuffing" it with keywords. This increases the chance of search engines banning your web page and simultaneously decreasing the likelihood of catching the visitor's attention—neither of which are a good thing!

The Language dropdown allows you to set the language tag for the page. This is read by the search engines.

Import a graphic and set it as your Favicon using the drop down feature. Short for 'favorite icon' this is a tiny graphic that appears in the web browser tab when your site is opened. These icons are also used by mobile phones when saving a webpage to your favorites or bookmarks.

The Description gives you the opportunity to provide a brief description of the contents of the web page. The recommended length for this tag is 128 characters (including spaces) for cross-engine compliance. Although you may wish to extend its range to a 200 character maximum, which is permissible so long as you do not "stuff" it with keywords and the description is an accurate reflection of the contents of the web page.

If the description is worded correctly it can significantly increase the quantity of traffic driven to your website.

Keywords should be words or phrases that you people use when searching for a site like yours. Each keyword for your website should be accurate enough to describe your site's content, yet general enough for potential customers to use as a search phrase in the search engines.

Keywords in total should be no longer than 250 characters (including spaces) in length, should contain no repeated words or phrases, and each word should be comma delimited.

SEO Settings

Apply page SEO settings

The Head is the simply the <head> </head> section of your page. Here you can insert links to external JavaScripts, CSS and more. While the Footer gives you access to the area before the closing </body> tag. You can insert JavaScript and other items here as well.  

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